Buying your first Home? — These tips will save your life!

Buying your first Home – exciting & scary!

So you're wanting to buy a new Home? That is some very exciting news. First question, are you prepared?! 

We all know big-item purchases are scary. It's expensive, you are fully committing to this household — there is no turning back without that pricey consequence. We totally get it. 

The ultimate first-step is to do your research. You are going to want to find out the essentials before you start hunting for those pretty houses listed on Pinterest! 

Let's start here. 

Credit History 

  • How many credit cards do you currently have under your name? 
  • Do you pay your bills on time? 
  • How many loans do you currently have? 

If you own a credit card or have a loan with an established bank, you have credit history. This information is then transferred into a financial summary known as a credit report. 

Credit Report 

Your credit report states these vital pieces of personal information (DO NOT let other people in on your personal finances. This should be a given by now) 

  • First and last name 
  • Home address 
  • Social security number (SIN) 
  • Credit cards 
  • Loans 
  • How much money you owe 
  • Whether or not you pay your bills on time 

All this 'credit' talk is important because it allows lenders to determine IF they will lend you money. Your lender, whoever you choose to go with, will be on your credit situation right away. The sooner you know what is on your credit, the better

As for your credit score, it is best to have it checked once since multiple credit checks by different lenders can cause many changes. Let us know if you would like to know your credit score. We’d be happy to help here. 


It is important to have a steady income and also proof of employment for the last two years. Any changes to your employment have to be explicitly explained. Gathering these documents a head of time can save headaches later. 

Down payment 

In Canada, you need to show a 90-day history of the down payment in order to prove you have not borrowed the money. We will need to see any movement of that money within the 90 days therefore it is best not to move it around.

You are allowed to receive a financial gift from family members regarding the down payment however this money is NOT repayable. This crucial detail should be thoroughly understood and explained in a letter addressed by the gift giver.

Consult Your Wish List 

It's good to know what you want in a Home if you can do it realistically. Buying a house for two? Thinking of expanding your family? You need to consider what life will look like down the road before you commit and sign that paper. Nothing would be worse than to move into a house that eventually ends up being too small because a couple of kids came into the picture or in a similar situation those grown-up kids come back Home from college, university — you get the picture. 

It's also reasonable to think about factors in your dream Home such as maintenance, renovations, the longevity of your stay, etc.

Cover all your bases, it is way better to be safe than sorry. 

Finding a Broker  

Who should you use to find the best mortgage for you? We believe a mortgage broker (like HomeHow!) is best especially if you're a first-time Home buyer.

There are many lenders in Canada and a broker will be able to sort through all your options. 

Finding a Realtor  

When it comes to a realtor, you want someone reliable. Makes sense right? A couple ways you can find out whether or not a certain realtor is legit is by doing some online research: 

  • Do they have a website/social media accounts? Go check it out! 
  • Double-check if their license is registered and legitimate 
  • Look up their client feedback/disciplinary comments against them 
  • Check out their current listings – price range, are they a busy/relaxed business? 
  • Send them an e-mail with any questions! Do they have the appropriate knowledge? 

Feeling better about buying that first Home? That's exactly what we like to hear. If you have any other questions, call a HomeHow specialist today! Also, if you have any other advice, feel free to leave a comment! 

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