8 crucial house chores to-do before the fall

Wait, summer is over? I have so much to do! 

The rumours are true. The month of September is approaching.

Before the Canadian chill sneaks up (as it always does), you should be thinking about preparing your property for the upcoming fall season. How do you do that? We'll tell you!

1) Inspect your furnace

Consider hiring a HVAC contractor to inspect and check your furnace for potential leaks and a filter change. They can also test your furnace for its heat efficiency.

2) Update your safety devices

This is the perfect time to replace the batteries out of your smoke and carbon monoxide detector if you haven't done that in awhile.

3) Reprogram your thermostat

Check your thermostat settings to make sure they align with your fall schedule. If you're out of the house during the day, there is no need to blast the heat. Doing this will save you a huge chunk of change!

4) Look around the house for drafts

You can find drafts around your doors and windows. By standing close to the edge of the frame, you will be able to feel a slight breeze or, for more concrete evidence, you can light a candle and place it near the edge of the window/door. If your flame flickers, there is a draft. You can easily fix this issue by caulking around the frame.

5) Clean out for fireplace/chimney

If you own a wood fireplace that you use in the wintertime, research a local chimney service that will inspect and clean out your chimney.

6) Clean the gutters

You never know when the snow is going to fall, especially here in Calgary. Be prepared to climb that ladder and clean out the summer debris that got caught in your gutters including leaves, berries, nests, garbage, etc. While you're up there, check for any leakage.

7) Clean your backyard

I'm sure your backyard has seen some better days because of all those backyard parties you've hosted all summer. Now it's time to fertilize the lawn, remove the leaves, put away the patio furniture and worst of all, clean up all the animal droppings before it gets buried in the snow.

8) Organize your fall/winter equipment

Yes, it's about that time to think about where you put your shovel, ice scraper, snow blower, leaf blower, generator, etc. You can leave that lawn mower in the back of the shed.

Do you prepare your house for the fall? Think we missed something important? Let us know in the comments!

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