2020 Trends: Interior Design

Time to rearrange the house! 

As we embrace a new decade, you might want to consider rearranging your Home. Creating a new space has been proven to boost productivity and mood levels. 

It's the year to embrace natural light, neutral tones, intricate patterns and succulents -- of course.

Exploring Biophilia Design


Photo Credit: The Green Range 

I swear I didn't make this word up. The term biophilia refers to a human desire to seek and connect with nature and other life forms. When it comes to your Home, a biophiliac design merges natural elements of life into your space. This can include:

  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Natural Light
  • Greenery

Incorporating organic materials into your Home gives a whole new appreciation to the natural world with the added bonus of producing less waste. The commonly known idiom, "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is very relevant in this case. You can create an amazing piece for your Home by DIY-ing an old wood pallet into a coffee table. You could also introduce a bunch of greenery into the Home and place them in unique fixtures. 

Black Is The New Black


Photo Credit: Home Stratosphere 

The color black has always been in style but in 2020, black is going beyond the basics.

We're talking an entire midnight bathroom with a black sink, countertop, toilet and bathtub! Although people may associate the colour black with darkness and bad energy, creating a space without a lot of colour is cooling and can lower energy levels making the space feel comfortable and at Home. Not everyone wants to have a "loud" place to live. 

The kitchen is also an area of the Home that can benefit with pops of black in it. Imagine all kitchen white appliances with hints of black decor or vice versa — your house guests will definitely remember where you eat. 



 Photo Credit: Ari Hatzis

Introducing geometric design into your Home doesn't have to be overwhelming. It can be as simple as adding a hexagon-shaped rug into your living room or as dramatic as a bold wallpaper. Plus, geometric design can be quite a statement in either color or black and white.

I personally like to walk the aisles of HomeSense to find unique pieces but if you're a homebody, you can look no further than Amazon, of course.


Amazon: $15.97 CAN (for the small set) 

These ceramic/brass hanging planters are exactly what an office space is calling for. It's not too flashy but just enough to give the room some life. This 2-set decor comes in small, large or in a desk size. It is one of Amazon's bestsellers and is available for free one-day shipping for Prime members!



Amazon: $26.99 CAN

Accessorize your living room with these cotton-lined decorative pillow covers! The green marble colour will highlight or match with any old or new couch. With a 4 and a half star rating, Amazon users are raving about how they compliment the room. 

The Old With The New


Photo Credit: Chapel Hill Durham Real Estate 

Mixing old/used decor with new is not the latest trend however, it will be something more and more people will discover in the new year as they begin to go through their items. Combining both will make your Home seem more mature while also igniting some old memories when those items were used and more loved. 

This old wooden ladder is now a vertical organizer and an attractive bathroom piece. 


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Multi-Purpose Rooms


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Who says each room has to have a designated function? Most of us don't live in mansions with our own personal gyms and studios installed. Here are some options to consider: 

  • Have a corner of the house that's unused? Turn that into a hobby corner that can be used for any type of activity you like to do in the house.

  • Look for furniture that serves multiple purposes such as a couch that can transform into a bed or a coffee table that can double as a desk.
  • Make any room a storage room by utilizing wall storage (shelves, cubes, etc.) 


Have new ideas brewing in your head? Excellent! Make your space perfect this year.

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